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Maximizing Your ROI

Digital health and telehealth veteran, Christian Milaster, shares more on this topic. ROI, or return on investment, is a simplified calculation that, generally speaking, calculates the value of an investment: If for every $10 invested you generate $25 worth of return, your return on…

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Partnerships Across the Eco-System

Multiple thought leaders talk about the current state and how innovation, technology and partnerships are seeking to address. Highlights and key takeaways from executives at the March of Dimes, UnitedHealthcare, Marani, Philips Healthcare, Alina Health and Johnson & Johnson.

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Who and What is Marani?

With more than 350,000 babies born around the world each day, there is a significant need develop digital health solutions to improve prenatal and postpartum care across the globe. Marani’s focus is on digital prenatal telehealth solutions for these mothers,…

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Why Did We Found Marani?

We are a team with a passion for creating solutions to improve health and healthcare for women around the world. As we started the company, we were focused on developing prenatal monitoring products. As our journey progressed, our team quickly…

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