On March 29, 2021, Medical Alley Association hosted the firesidechat and panel Reducing Disparities In Maternal Care Outcomes through Partnerships and Innovation highlighting the needs and opportunities in maternal care. This event included a fantastic set of speakers and Marani’s CEO and founder, Ann Holder was honored to be a part of this important conversation.   

Participating in the event were… 

Fireside Chat 


The United States is in the midst of confronting an uncomfortable and unacceptable reality: we are the only industrialized nation that has a rising maternal mortality rate. Even more alarming, however, is that women of color are up to three or four times as likely to die from a pregnancy related complication as white women – a gap that persists across education and income levels.

Successfully addressing these disparities will require insight, expertise, and innovation from the entire healthcare community. Establishing successful partnerships, improving access, leveraging technology, and connecting with the community are a few of the key pieces to making real improvements in maternal outcomes for all women – but especially women of color. Medical Alley organizations are leading in this effort and are committed to accomplishing this goal.

This Bringing the Future Forward session focuses on the innovative work being done by Medical Alley organizations – and their partners – to reduce disparities in maternal outcomes through collaboration, innovative care delivery methods, technology, and connecting with communities and populations most impacted.