New name reflects the Company’s unyielding commitment to advancing prenatal and women’s healthcare.

Minneapolis, MN – February 23, 2021 – Odonata Health, Inc., a leading company in prenatal care and women’s health, today announces a name change to Marani Health, Inc. This rebrand aligns the Company’s name with its commitment to women’s health.

The name, Marani Health, was abstracted from strong women in the area of science and mathematics who opened new boundaries of knowledge. Women who were not only brilliant, but also possessed a leadership spirit that always brought them to ask themselves whether any part of their quest was right. We are inspired by their indomitable spirit and humble approach to discovery and made it the core of our purposeful operating philosophy: we never stop asking ourselves “is it right?” – for that one woman, for her specific condition, for that family, for that care partner. And then, everything we do is because the answer has been “YES”.

Marani is dedicated to improving the experience and outcomes of pregnant women via novel technologies and a unique prenatal care platform. The company is focused on improving maternal and fetal health outcomes and working to ensure access to its technology in traditionally under-served communities.

“We believe our advanced technologies, including our prenatal patient management platform and proprietary prenatal monitoring system have the potential to provide clear insights into fetal and maternal health and wellness during pregnancy, allowing patients and their healthcare team to make informed decisions. We are working every day to make a positive impact on women’s health,” said Ann Holder, Marani founder and CEO.

About Marani Health

Marani Health is dedicated to improving the experience and outcomes of mothers and their babies by improving access to care and empower expectant mothers and providers with insights into each individual pregnancy.