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Our Team

Meet the talented team who is changing the meaning of what it means to be an innovative partner in pregnancy.

Marani Team

Ann Holder

CEO, Founder

Kathy Tune

CFO | COO | Board Chair

Shannon Gronemeyer

Chief Experience Officer

Mark Holm

Senior Software Lead

Shaivali Shah

VP, Strategy & Business Development

Chris Larson

VP, R&D, Engineering

Trevor Goodwin

VP, Finance

Alysa Ulstad

Director, Systems Engineering & Clinical Innovation

Mehdi Shokoueinejad, PhD, PMP

Director, Engineering & Data Science

Allie Reinke

Creative Lead

Srdjan Jovanovic

Director of Engineering, HTEC | Systems Lead, Marani

Dhananja Jayalath

Co-Founder, Athos | Textile Lead, Marani

Our Board

Kathy Tune

CFO | COO | Board Chair

Shelly Lanning

Board Member

Jodi Hubler

Board Member

Ann Holder

CEO, Founder

Board Observers

Brandon Shelton

Board Observer, TFX Capital

Olayemi (Yemi) Sokumbi, M.D

Board Observer, Mayo Clinic Ventures

Strategic Advisory Board

Dr. Tara Bishop

Strategic Advisory Board, Bind

Ravyn Miller

Strategic Advisory Board, Medtronic

Medical Advisors

Dr. Paul Friedman

Chair, Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Kyle Traynor

Dr. Kyle Traynor OB/GYN, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Lynda Szymanski

Maternal Section Head, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Suraj Kapa

Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Mayo Clinic

Julie Lamppa

CNM, RN, Mayo Clinic

Deepak Padmanabhan

Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research

Business & Technical Advisors

Zachi Attia, PhD

Co-Director of AI in Cardiology, Mayo Clinic

Emily Benner

EVP, Research & Product Development, Preventice Solutions

Mark Gardner, JD

Managing Attorney, Gardner Law

Misthi Kapoor

Strategic Partnerships, Verily Life Sciences

Fred Lisy, PhD

President, Orbital Research, Inc.

Our Awards & Partnerships

Check out our Resources section to learn about Marani’s research, press coverage, blog post, & upcoming events here.

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