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Arick Wierson

Public Relations Consulting

American columnist who writes on politics and business for CNN. He is also a regular contributor to several other major US…

Lugenia Grider

Perinatal Educator & Doula Coordinator, Novant Health

Lugenia Grider has more than 20 years of experience working with healthcare systems, government agencies, and higher-education institutions specifically in developing evidence-based…

Dr. Sameer Badlani

Chief Digital Officer, EVP, Technology Services, M Health Fairview

In his current role at M Health Fairview as the Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Technology Services,…

Ravyn Miller

Vice President, Portfolio Strategy & Business Development Defibrillation Solutions, Medtronic

As the Sr. Marketing Director for Medtronic’s High Power Global Growth team, Ravyn Miller is responsible for creating and executing…

Dr. Tara Bishop

Founder & General Partner, Black Opal Ventures

Dr. Tara Bishop is passionate about health care. As clinical operations leader at Bind, Tara leads Clinical Operations, including case,…

Shaivali Shah

Regional Operations Director, Davita

Transforming the human experience in healthcare is what inspires Shaivali. As a Healthcare Executive at Davita, she oversees a multi-site…

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