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Arick Wierson

Public Relations Consulting

American columnist who writes on politics and business for CNN. He is also a regular contributor to several other major US…

Lugenia Grider

Perinatal Educator & Doula Coordinator, Novant Health

Lugenia Grider has more than 20 years of experience working with healthcare systems, government agencies, and higher-education institutions specifically in developing evidence-based…

Ravyn Miller

Vice President, Portfolio Strategy & Business Development Defibrillation Solutions, Medtronic

As the Sr. Marketing Director for Medtronic’s High Power Global Growth team, Ravyn Miller is responsible for creating and executing…

Dr. Tara Bishop

Founder & General Partner, Black Opal Ventures

Dr. Tara Bishop is passionate about health care. As clinical operations leader at Bind, Tara leads Clinical Operations, including case,…

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